Monday, 20 August 2007

Hollingworth Lake from the top of Blackstone Edge


Jessmel said...


I cant find your email address, had to go this way.
I have a Y-DNA match with Barlow
and Hollingsworth.
If I can write to you with the information please reply to I will send
from there my private address.
The photos of the Lake are great also Cockersand Abbey.
Best wishes,
from Australia.

tylerscofield said...

Field in the foreground below the lake is were "Schofield Hall" or "Scofield Hall" stood. Once owned by Cuthbert Scofield in the late 1500s
(my 13-great grandfather). Family name derived from location "Sko" is old norse for hut on a hill. His failure to have legal heirs led to transfer of property to his nephew and to the emirgration of his disinherited grandsons to Stamford, Connecticut in the early 1600s.