Thursday, 30 August 2007

River Conder close to Glasson

Glasson Docks

Cockersand Abbey

Cockerham sands

Pilling Sands

Sheep grazing on the Salt Marshes on Pilling Sands

Knott's End

Wyre Estuary


The Mount,the centre piece of Hesketh and Burton's design for the new town in the 1830's

North Euston Hotel Fleetwood

The North Euston Hotel.The hotel with its six Greco columns sits rather forlornly on the headland once the culmination of Hesketh’s plan to turn Fleetwood into quite literally the Euston of the North.Guests were charged 50 p a night to stay and most of the rooms had hot and cold running water.

Fleetwood's Pier.

An advert from the 1930's boosts of its cinema over the sea,hosting the only milk bar in the whole of Fleetwood and accommodation for 4,300.

Ferry leaving Fleetwood for Knott's End

Sea Front at Fleetwood

Thursday, 16 August 2007

Traditional Blackpool

Sign of the Times-Blackpool

Sign of the Times-Blackpool

Life in a Northern Town-Some views of Nelson

Summit-Rochdale Canal

The Rochdale canal was completed in 1804,effectively linking the East and West coasts of England.It linked the Calder Valley with Manchester.

The majotr obstacle the route had to overcome was the South Pennines and the gap at whta is now summit was the lowest crossing point.The railway followed the same route 30 years later.At this point the Canal is 600ft above sea level and this is the highest broad lock in the Uk.