Monday, 12 February 2007

When in Manchester look up (3)

Central Library Manchester

Two shots here of the Central Library in Manchester.

Believe it or not it was only built in 1934,designed by the Architect Vincent Harris,it was formally opened by his majesty George V


When in Manchester look up.(2)

As these pictures illustrate,it is not just street level where interest can lie.These are the Royal Exchange building taken last week with the morning sunshine just appearing over the buildings.

When in Manchester look up(1)

With the opening of the Hilton tower,the city centre now has a recognisable tall feature,which can be see from all around the city centre.The photo to the left is taken from underneath the building on the G-Mex metro stop.

It is not the only tall landmark,as this picture taken from Picadilly Gardens illustrates.

Monday, 5 February 2007


More Pictures of Buxton including a Georgian version of Marks and Spencer?


These shots are of the Pavillions and the Conservatory.Unfortunately the latter is still closed undergoing renovations

Buxton Pavillion Gardens

These are taken in the Pavillion Gardens,the first looking back towards the Conservatory and the second capturing the winter sun on the Waterfall

Buxton Crescent

After a week of dull weather,the Sun came out over the weekend and we took a trip to Buxton.
These pictures are of the Crescent,one taken around midday and the Other with the sun low in the sky late afternoon