Monday, 30 July 2007


Spent the weekend down in Essex,these are some pictures of the hamlet of Coggeshall

Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Stonyhurst from afar

Half mile approach to Stonyhurst

Ave Maria stands on the approach to Stonyhurst

View from across the fields towards Stonyhurst

Stonyhurst Hall

Stonyhurst overlooking the Ribble valley at Hurst was the home of the Shirebourne family

The Observatory in the Gardens

View from across the lily pond in the gardens

Yew tree walk,where reputedly the only son of Sir Nicholas Shirebourne died after eating yew berries

Friday, 20 July 2007

Smithills Hall

Smithills Hall on the outskirts of Bolton has been a dwelling since 680 AD when the walled and moated residence was built.
Its fame comes from the 16th Century when the Barton Family who owned a thriving wool business developed the Hall.

The stain glass windows of the chapel date from Tudor times

The chapel was originally built in the 16th century by Andrew Barton but was destroyed by fire in the 19th century from whence this version dates

The footprint of George Marsh,a Catholic martyr who was burned at the stake in Chester in 1555.
He was held at Smihill hall and the story is that when he was told he was being taken for trial,he stamped his foot in disgust.The print becomes red and wet once a year.The house is reputedly haunted by his ghost.

Wooden panels made by Flemish craftsman,considered some of the best examples in England and depicting portraits of the Barton family ancestors

Thursday, 12 July 2007

Dunsop River

Early evening and the Sun glinting on the River Dunsop

Forest of Bowland from Waddington

Sun just pecking out from behind the clouds

Pendle Hill from Clitheroe

Wherever you are in Clitheroe,you are not far from seeing the overhanging presence of Pendle Hill.
Stukely described it as a" vast black mountain which is the morning weather glass of the country people."

Camden-"an infallible prognostick of rain when the top of it is black and cloudy."

Clitheroe Town

The Town of Clitheroe would surley win awards for the most beautiful small town in England, if only they would ban traffic from the centre.Overlooked by the ruins of its castle I particually like the one off shops.

On the window of the butchers the sign "Our Sausages contain no slurry,
slurp or goo,only real meat"

Edisford Bridge

Edisford Bridge just a short stroll from the centre of Clitheroe dates back to 1339.The site was th scenr of a famous battle in 1138 when Scottish forces under King David defeated the English Norman army under De Macy.Although defeated the town of Clitheroe remained in English hands and the Scots returned north.

Ribble at Great Mitton

The Bridge over the Ribble at Mitton is said to be the oldest crossing point on the River.
In the background is the omnious presence of Pendle Hill

All Hallow's Church Great Mitton

The Church at Great Mitton dates back to the 1200's and was the Parish church of the Shirebourne family who lived close by at Stonyhurst.

Village of Dunsop Bridge

Depending on how you calculate it,the village of Dunsop Bridge in the heart of the Forest of Bowland is the centre of the Uk.British Telecom celebrated by putting its 100,000 phone box on its village green.However depending on how you calculate it,the centre lies 7km north at a place called Whitendale Hanging Stones.

Wherever the centre lies,it doesn't detract from the fact that the village with the River Dunsop running thru it is one of the prettiest.